Telegram New Update Arrives with these WhatsApp Like Features

Telegram has become one of the popular social media platforms actively used by many people, this is evident by the stats which revealed that the platform has 200 million monthly active users. The main reason for the ever gaining popularity is the privacy-focused feature and its updates. Telegram new update has brought plenty of new features mainly related to group chats.

The latest version of Telegram comes with global permission of groups. This feature will permit admins to stop all members of the group from posting some bad content. The new update will also bring unified group settings. With a unified group feature, admins will be able to make groups public and set some more permissions for admins.

Telegram Version 5.2 Launched with New Makeover & Multiple Features

The best feature is that now Telegram users will be able to undo deleted chats and clear chat history within 5 seconds. All these features are launched for both Android and iOS platform.  Telegram 5.2 has also launched new animations when uploading and downloading media.

Telegram 5.2 is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded via App Store and Google Play Store. If you have already installed the app then you should update it.

Another improvement is made in Photo selector for profile pictures as now telegram users will have to choose correct head in order to display in their profile pictures.  The app has incorporated Instant view technology with which the web pages will be opened with zero loading time. Telegram version 5.2 has also made few more improvements such as:

  •  right-to-left languages
  • blocks of related articles
  • image links, tables
  • horizontal scrolling

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