These New Feature are Coming to Microsoft Outlook Mobile

Microsoft has introduced new features and improvements to Microsoft outlook mobile. Many of the improvements have been already released while some will be launched soon. Most of the improvements focus on two things i.e; online meetings and video calls.

The very first feature s ‘meeting insights’ which offers Android users of the app with email messages and other files that might be relevant for their meetings. All the information extracted this way, will be shown on the calendar which make it easier for user to find things and also saves time.

These New Feature are Coming to Microsoft Outlook Mobile

Another improvement is the ability to join meeting online by default. In this way you even if you forget your Teams Link, it will be added by default. This option is placed in settings menu in the outlook mobile , one needs to select all the meetings that needs to be created online automatically.

The company has also confirmed that soon Outlook mobile users will start getting suggestions of sending availability and schedule when someone wants to call on them. If they are not available at that time, the suggested replies will pop up in outlook mobile to make it easier for users to reply abruptly. A new option for snoozing the email message for later is also added. By swiping on a message, one would be able to snooze it which means it will keep on showing up on the top of your inbox until or unless you reply to it. To be very honest, this is one of the best feature i have come across so far.

Microsoft has added another feature named Play my Emails. This feature asks cortana to read out emails for you. Isn’t it amazing that the company has launched bulk of new feature and all are useful? let us know in comments section below.

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