Ticket Kataao: A Tech-Based Startup that Crowd Sources Private Vehicles for Advertising

Different startups have been introduced in Pakistan. But some get famous and some don’t. Seeing as 9 out of 10 startups fail the attempt to bring one’s dream to completion is a leap of faith that deserves recognition. Ticket Kataao: A Tech-Based Startup that Crowd Sources Private Vehicles for Advertising.

Ticket Kataao is one such unique startup that has earned popularity. It is a startup by Talha Zaheer that deals in branding vehicles, whether they are cars or rickshaws that doesn’t matter. They crowd source cars and rickshaws and then brand them and share the revenue they receive with the drivers.

Ticket Kataao: A Tech-Based Startup that Crowd Sources Private Vehicles for Advertising

Basically this tech-startup provides advertising space that crowd sources private vehicles for advertising and employs a shared economy model to provide supplemental income to car owners. The aim is to create a mass scale vehicular based advertising campaigns that benefit hundreds and thousands of people.

For branding the car with good quality vinyl, all expenses are covered by Ticket Kataao and a locally manufactured tracker is added to the car. Each advertising campaign lasts for almost 3 months.

Ticket Kataao, Paisey Banao

The minimum mileage for a driver is 30-50 km a day. If the driver fulfill the requirement they will get 20,000 rupees for a sedan and 15,000 rupees for a compact car.

Ticket Kataao also made it to top 20 Plan9 launchpad cycle 09. It has also worked with Uber to bring Uber Auto to Lahore. The company plans to bring Uber Auto to other cities as well.

As with any startup that takes customer information, there are privacy problems. To mitigate any concerns, Ticket Kataao offers heat maps instead of track lines to advertisers.

How Can Drivers Earn:

Those interested to get their cars or vehicles branded can simply visit the website www.ticketkataao.com

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Drivers can follow these simple steps to start earning:

Sign Up:

All they have to do is sign up. If they qualify then they will be able to brand their cars.

Download the App:

Download the app to see the most sought after zones in your vicinity alongside your driving data, live earnings, active campaign selection, notifications for flash mobs and more.

Drive, Track and Earn:

Simply drive your wrapped car around like before; track your earnings and performance on the App. Utilize Ticket Kataao’s free tracking facilities to mitigate car theft.

Here is a short video clip in which CEO Talha Zaheer explains the idea behind Ticket Kataao:

Ticket Kataao is a unique initiative as it provides a way of earning for people doing their own routine work. Careem or Uber operate like taxis. But this is not the case with Ticket Kataao. As it allows users to brand their own cars. It doesn’t necessitate that people buy new cars they can brand the cars they are using.

All they have to do is brand their own car and carry on their routine activities. They can pick and drop their children using the same car. For the time being the company has partnered with MNCs. Lets see what else we get to hear from this company.

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