Top 10 Security Tips For Your Smartphone Or Tablet

The intervention of technology and its changing patterns have brought many pros and cons to human life. Having said this, privacy and mobile security are essential in all ways. There are many useful security tips through which you can secure your tablets’ or mobile’s data such as security apps and mobile anti-virus apps.


You wouldn’t want the data and private information stored on your smartphone to be disclosed to strangers or unknown third parties. Taking some thoughtful precautions can help you secure your smartphones.

10 Security Tips For Your Smartphone

Some of the top security tips to secure your smartphones or tablets are as follows:

  1. Keep updating your Mobile’s Software:

It is important to keep updating your mobile’s or smartphone’s software time to time. Whether you are using Android, Windows or iOS operating systems, each interface has its own software upgrading options. Software updates come with improved versions that help in filling the security loopholes.

It is important to check and allow your auto-updating software box on your mobile. This will help in auto-updating your smartphone with the latest version.

  1. Face Screen Lock:

This feature is the latest technology introduced in smartphones and tablets considering the security concerns of the customers. It helps you in securing your data. Set your face as your password and whenever you show your face to the smartphone it will recognize and open your device.

The face screen lock is initially launched by Android, but with the increasing demand from customers other devices have come up with this app too. This indeed is one the most concerned security tip to follow.

  1. Install and Update credible Anti-Virus Apps:

One of the threatening factors is losing your very personal data through not-so-very anti-virus apps. It is essential to download a known and reliable anti-virus app such as Avasti, McAfee-most preferably in Android Smartphones. These anti-virus apps help in keeping your data secure and don’t leak out your personal information-though there is still some threat to these apps.

  1. Always download apps from trustable platforms:

Make sure to download apps from trustable and reliable platforms only. For android mobiles, there is the main platform of Google Playstore which is a secure platform and doesn’t allow third parties to hack into your information. On the other hand, Apple has its own Apple store which is strict in its security and privacy policies when it comes to the customers.

  1. Never Jailbreak your Smartphone:

Always be cautious when it comes to the security of your personal data stored on your smartphones or tablets. Jailbreaking your iPhone or rooting your Android can turn into a disaster, also when you are not sure what you are doing. Altering your handset through these third-party jailbreaking techniques can decrypt your data.

  1. Use patterns and asymmetrical passwords:

Always set asymmetrical and a difficult password for your phone lock, just in case your phone gets robbed it should become a pain in the neck for the robber to break the code.

  1. Passwords for the apps:

What can be more personal than your text messages and pictures on your smartphones and tablets? It is recommended to apply a second layer of security by setting passwords for your text messages and pictures.

  1. Turn-on your location settings:

This is one of the best things to do if you want to get back your stolen smartphone. The last location of your smartphone can be detected if your location settings are always on.

  1. Make sure that your smartphone or tablet locks automatically:

Ensure that your mobile automatically locks itself after 15-20 seconds. So, in case, if your mobile gets stolen or so, it will automatically be locked.

  1. Always check your downloaded apps permission:

The cleverness of today’s apps is that they require more permissions than the basics ones. Such as that they ask for permission to use “one of some of your pictures” or “send or receive text messages”. Beware of such apps.

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