Top 3 Board Games for Android Users

Top 3 Board Games for Android. Android Phones have given rebirth to the board games whose delight was lost with the invention of computer games. Now a days it doesn’t take a lot of effort to open Google play store and download your favorite board games which you used to play earlier. It has solved the issue of making space for large board games on shelves. Now you can just pick up your tablet or smart phone and just download the fantastic games with in a second.

Top 3 Board Games for Android

I am jotting down top 3 board games for android which are personally my favorite.

  • Ticket To Ride
  • Sea Battle 2
  • Catan

Ticket To Ride:

In this game players have to build extensive rail emperors by joining different colored cars to connect cities. At each turn player has either to pick two cars or take a new ticket. In this way player will be challenged to connect two cities before the second player runs out of cars. The more cities are connected at further points the more player is towards the victory. The player with longest points of connecting two cities gets bonus point.

Basically the game, Ticket To Ride is a fine combination of rivalry and construction. The in-app purchase grants you access to a new bundle of maps and boards, all of which are totally worth the price

Number of players: 1-5

Options to play: Solo, Pass-and-play, local multiplayer, online multiplayer

To download game click here.

Sea Battle 2:

This game can be played by a random online opponent or a person sitting next to you. Its all about not letting anyone sink your battleship. If battleship goes beyond, one can include planes, radars, mines and submarines.

You can name your submarine and watch your scores on the global leader board. You can use in-App cat featurue to discuss strategy. The school graph paper design will take you right back to playing tricky battleship rounds during high school study hall.

Number of players: 1-2

Options to play: Solo, pass-and-play, local multiplayer over Bluetooth, online multiplayer

To download game click here.


Catan is a very classic board game. This game is all about wheeling and dealing. In this games players are suppose to harvest resources and connect their villagers through roads. In this way they will gather points. It doesn’t seem difficult but between the inter-player trading and the cramped real estate, Catan can be a very tense game.

Players can use their harvested resources to buy cards. These cards can provide them with more useful resources. Pass-and-play multiplayer is available, as well as many of the original game’s expansions.

Number of players: 1-5

Options to play: Solo, pass-and-play, online multiplayer

To download game click here.

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