Top Travel Destinations in Pakistan 2020

Adventure and recreation are two essential part of human life. It is very important for our mind and body. Travelling around and discovering new landscapes with friends or family is most adventurous. So, for that we must choose the best travel destinations for maximum fun and thrill. People have different preferences for travelling. But most of them get attracted by mountainous landscapes, lakes, hilly areas, beaches, amusement parks, archaeological sites etc. Along with that, facilities like hotels etc. near tourism sites also play a significant role in charming the tourists.  Weather is also very important for attracting tourists. More tourists will tend to visit a place where there is diverse weather.

Fortunately, our beloved country Pakistan has all of these amazing attributes. It has mountainous landscape, lakes, beaches, deserts, ancient sites and a diverse four seasoned weather.

Though, terrorism has badly affected the tourism industry of Pakistan for almost two decades. But now that threat is almost eliminated completely. And now if you are looking for adventure holidays, its time to visit Pakistan as the country is now amongst the top destinations with low cost tourism. Recently, a UK-based travel magazine Conde Traveller has listed Pakistan as the top holiday destination for 2020, owing to beautiful landscapes and improved law and order situation. And a recent high profile royal visit of Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge also proved the fact that Pakistan is a safe place to travel now.

Now I am going to explain the attributes which make Pakistan one of the top travel destinations in the world.

One of the best mountainous landscapes in the world:

Pakistan is host to three of the world’s biggest and most beautiful mountain ranges. These are the Himalayan range, the Karakoram range and the Hindukush range. The convergence of these magnificent ranges, at the juncture of Indus and Gilgit rivers near Jaglot which is a small town 40 Km south of Gilgit city. It surely is a unique geographical feature on earth. These spectacular mountain ranges are also home to one of the densest collection of tallest mountain peaks in the world. These include five, out of the total fourteen, above 8000 meter high peaks in the world, including the second highest mountain peak -the PakPeak K-2 (8611m), PakPeak Gasherbrum 1, PakPeak Gasherbrum 2, PakPeak Broad Peak and PakPeak Nanga Parbat. Nevertheless these mountain ranges also boast more than 100 peaks above 7000 meters and around 700 peaks above 6000 meters.

Astounding Lakes:

The mother nature is astounding. And one of the most amazing creations of nature is lakes. People in every corner of the world show affinity  to spend time boating, fishing, and even swimming in lakes. Apart from these activities, Lakes also provide breath taking sceneries and considered as the best place for picnics. Pakistan is blessed with immense natural beauty and Pakistan has its fair share of lakes. In fact, Pakistan has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Many of the lakes are located in the northern areas of Pakistan, in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and in Azad Kashmir.

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Charming Beaches:

Pakistan has a coast line of about 700 km. Therefore, it has a number of the beaches if we move towards south in Pakistan. Mainly in the province of Sindh and Balochistan. The city of karachi has the largest number of beaches in Pakistan. While Balochistan is home to some extravagant beaches as well.

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Inside Cities:

Pakistan is a country of diverse cultures. Each region has its own tradition .There are different kinds of mouth watering food. From the food streets of Lahore and Karachi to the steaks of north. We can tour the landmark highway the Karakoram Highway and visit the bustling markets of Karachi to find goods. Taste the crispy flavours of the Punjab in Lahore and grab tea with some of the friendliest people that you will ever meet on the story-tellers street of Peshawar. Then we move towards north and can see beautiful hill cities of the north including Abbottabad, Mansehra, Gilgit, Chitral and much more. These hill cities have diverse cultures. The people are very welcoming and warm hearted towards any tourist.

Archaeological and Historical sites:

Pakistan is a home to a number of archaeological and historical sites. Beginning with Taxila which is generally considered to be one of the most significant archaeological sites in Asia. This is due to its accurate representation of the varying stages of progression between the 5th century BC and 2nd century AD, during which time the site was at its peak. There are place like Shalimar Gardens, Lahore fort, Rohtas Fort and Makli Hill which were all built during time period of 12th to 15th century. Then there are Mohenjo Daro ruins of Indus valley civilization which are approximately 3000 years old. Along with that, there are Asoka rock edicts present in the city of Mansehra. So, it is proved that Pakistan is home to a number of historical sites.


From all the above discussion, it is evident that God has blessed Pakistan with all the wonders and beauties. Terrorism has really diminished our tourism but now there is a hope that it can emerge again and we will be welcoming people from all around the world.


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