Toyota Flying-Car Conducts a Test Flight Publicly

After years of work, Toyota-backed SkyDrive has conducted a public, crewed test flight for its flying-car finally. Most interestingly, the car had a pilot on board.

Toyota Flying-Car Conducts a Test Flight Publicly

Tokyo-based SkyDrive showed off a test flight of its SD-03 flying car model and a video was released on Friday. The flying car carries a single-seat car, and four pairs of propellers powered by a battery. The car was lifted to six feet above the ground and hovered in a netted test area for about five minutes.

According to the Observer, “It was SkyDrive’s first manned flight with the SD-03 model. The company, backed by Toyota (the automaker), aims to turn the prototype into a two-seater commercial model by 2023. It’s the same timeline targeted by the Japanese government to roll out flying taxi service in dense cities like Tokyo and Osaka.”

The SD-03 is billed as the smallest electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) vehicle in the world, That comes with a total of eight rotors which are helping it to fly safely even if there’s a motor failure.

It is to be expected that the SkyDrive will get its SD-03 approved for flying before the end of this year while the company is also working on two-seat commercial vehicles for 2023.

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