Uber Adds Pause, Discounts & Other Features on New Driver-Focused Blog

The inauguration post on Uber’s new driver-centered “Behind the Wheel” blog induces with it many features those sheer drivers may find beneficial specially when punching a clock.

Uber, which offers on-demand rides with the help of a smartphone app, is one of the most appreciated private companies in the world.

Uber Adds Pause, Discounts & Other Features on New Driver-Focused Blog

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A “pause” switch allows drivers transiently put off new ride invitations so that they can get a coffee or relax. Striking pause also permits drivers end their day cleanly, with the app inevitably taking them off the framework when they drop that last passenger, instead of making the driver refuse requests while they are on the way.

Another innovative feature allows the driver indicate a station, such as home or downtown, and the app will only link them with passengers going in that direction.

The indicated tours allegedly “do not sum for promotions,” as it may be to garner people from just taking turns proceeding where they’re going, radically having riders finance their drive.

Drivers will also get discounts for when they’re a fare but it’s not a flat minimization. They will only be given a 15 percent off coupon for UberX for every 10 passengers they drop off, and a 50 percent off UberBlack for every 20 riders.

The new blog should be revised with any new features like this or elucidations on strategies influencing drivers, so it will become easy for drivers to keep a track of the recent updates.

Uber Technologies Inc. is an American multinational online transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco,California. It promotes, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which permit users to endure a trip request which is then subdued to Uber drivers who use their very own cars.

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