Ufone Launches a Thematic Song on it’s 14th Anniversary

Ufone Launches a Thematic Song on it’s 14th Anniversary
Khushyaan, Raabtay, Muskurahataen

Ufone has launched a thematic song to commemorate its 14th Anniversary in Pakistan. The purpose is to create top of mind recall among the target audience while focusingon a nostalgic feel.

The song highlights it’s 14 year journey through a combination of it’s cast of their witty and hilarious advertisements while the lyrics summarise the cellular company’s functional attributes. Renowned singer, Shehzad Roy’s elated demeanor adds value to the song and merrily chants about Ufone’s superior service comprising of convenience and innovation. In an era of brand ambassadors endorsing brands, Roy given his humanitarian and vocal skills seems to be a valuable choice that would help the brand maintains a competitive edge. He has a Sitara-e-Imtiaz to his laurels awarded to honour his contribution to public services.

Wasu, on the other hand adds a regional touch to the song seemingly depicting Ufone’s reach in rural areas that have significantly flourished as a result of the use of mobile phones. As he narrates the brand offerings, the background characters develop the viewers’ interest collectively.

The video presents Ufone’s ambassadors over the years with the exception of some new and cheerful faces that add to the humourous feel and perfectly portray the brand image. The song highlights key three attributes; ‘khushyaan’, ‘raabtay’, ‘muskurahataen’.

Considering Ufone’s fan following of its hilarious advertisements, this video is sure to hit some admiration.

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