Warid LTE Daily, Weekly and Monthly Packages for Prepaid Customers

Warid is a GSM, LTE based mobile operator in Pakistan. It provides good quality network and affordable internet packages for their customers. The unique feature about Warid 4G packages is that they are 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) Packages. The LTE Packages of Warid are divided in  daily, 3-Day,weekly and monthly categories. Lets have a look on them.

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Warid LTE Daily, Weekly and Monthly Packages for Prepaid Customers

Daily Internet Package:

Volume: 50MB

Validity: 24 Hours

Price: Rs.10

Subscription: SMS D24 to 7777

3-Day Package:

Volume: 125MB

Validity: 3 Days

Price: Rs.25

Subscription: SMS DB3 to 7777

Weekly Package:

Volume: 250MB

Validity: 7 Days

Price: Rs.50

Subscription: SMS WB1 to 7777

Monthly-Mini Package:

Volume: 500MB

Validity: 30 Days

Price: Rs.100

Subscription: SMS MBM to 7777

Monthly-Value Package:

Volume: 1GB

Validity: 30 Days

Price: Rs.200

Subscription: SMS MBV to 7777

Monthly-Smart Package:

Volume: 2GB

Validity: 30 Days

Price: Rs.300

Subscription: SMS MBS to 7777

Monthly-Big Package:

Volume: 5GB

Validity: 30 Days

Price: Rs.500

Subscription: SMS MBB to 7777

Monthly-Super Package:

Volume: 8GB

Validity: 30 Days

Price: Rs.800

Subscription: SMS MHD to 7777

Choose the most suitable package and enjoy Warid LTE internet.



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