Ufone 3G Internet Daily, Monthly and Weekly Packages for Prepaid Customers

Ufone is a PTCL’s subsidiary and entered Pakistani cellular market as second mobile operator. It started its business in year 2001. With the tagline “It’s all about you” Ufone has always focused on their customers ease and demands. It is providing number of 3-Day, weekly, monthly 3G Packages. Let’s have a look at these packages.

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Ufone 3G Internet Daily, Monthly and Weekly Packages for Prepaid Customers

Daily light bucket:

Volume: 40MB

Timing: 24 hours

Subscription Code: *804# 

Price: Rs.10

Daily heavy bucket:

Volume: 75MB

Timing: 24 hours

Subscription Code:*8042#

Price: Rs.15

3 Day Bucket:

Volume: 100MB

Timing: 24 hours

Subscription Code:*3350#

Price: Rs.25

Weekly Light bucket:

Volume: 250MB

Timing: 24 hours

Subscription Code:*7811#

Price: Rs.50

Weekly heavy bucket:

Volume: 500MB

Timing: 24 hours

Subscription Code:*7815#

Price: Rs.125

Monthly 1GB Bucket:

Volume: 1,024 MB

Timing: 24 hours

Subscription Code: *7807#

Price: Rs.250

Monthly 3GB Bucket:

Volume: 3,096 MB

Timing: 24 hours

Subscription Code: *803#

Price: Rs.500

Monthly 10GB Bucket:

Volume: 10,240 MB

Timing: 24 hours

Subscription Code: *5100#

Price: Rs.1,000

Chose the most suitable internet package and enjoy Ufone internet.

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