We are Getting Close to Experience Facebook Dark Mode

Almost all the apps, owned by Facebook, have been receiving the Dark modes for a while now, such as its Messenger has got it in March 2019, Instagram users are also enjoying it, and Whatsapp made it available for users a couple of months ago. Now, we are getting so close to experience the dark mode on the Facebook app. New screenshots revealed the Facebook Dark Mode and some other features that are about to hit the app.

We are Getting Close to Experience Facebook Dark Mode



The screenshots are showing a dark mode in the stable Facebook app for Android devices. It will feature a manual toggle and the ability to use Android 10’s system setting. The dark mode implementation is opting for a dark grey instead of pure black. you can see the blue highlights and colourful reactions.

According to GSMA, “A mostly final version (though one not yet released to the public) shows the main Facebook app interface, reimagined for your OLED viewing pleasure (and some battery savings). You’ll be able to either force it on or have it respect the phone’s global Dark mode settings. It’s mostly a dark mode featuring several hues of dark gray with some light gray for icons here and there, but little actual black – we’ve seen research that proves that having the OLED pixels dark gray does enough for your battery so that turning them completely off isn’t needed.”

The company is also working on a complete redesign of the ‘Time on Facebook’ feature.

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