WhatsApp Latest Update: No One can Add you In Group without Approval

The most widely used app, WhatsApp keep on launching new features on and off. Many features are launched on high demands of people. Keeping in view the ever growing users’ demands, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has asked WhatsApp to incorporate a feature that will take the consent of users before adding them to the WhatsApp group. Previously it was very annoying that people used to add you to the different groups without even knowing whether you want to be added in a group or not. However, with WhatsApp latest update, this problem will be solved.

WhatsApp Latest Update will Bring the most Demanded Feature ever

This step is taken as a result of many complaints registered with the government. The Government took this matter to WhatsApp who is finally acting upon the matter. Previously, users were relieved somehow by a WhatsApp new feature which permitted only those users to be added in the group which are in the contact list. Plus if a user leaves the group twice, the admin wouldn’t be able to add him again in the same group. But this is not a proper way to stop someone from annoying people.

This feature is a big yes from my side as am also a victim of endless notification from unwanted WhatsApp groups. So am anxiously waiting for this feature to roll out globally.

This is not the first time that WhatsApp will introduce a feature for the welfare of people. Previously the Facebook’s app introduced a feature that allowed Group Admins to Stop Other Members From Posting stuff on the group. Sometimes it is really annoying when some group members send messages with no reason in the group. So, this new feature is to restrict those members.

Are you happy about this feature?

Fizza Atique

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