WhatsApp lets You Delete Your Embarrassing Texts within 7 Minutes

WhatsApp is the widely used messaging app, always brings exciting features for its users. This time, WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow its users to delete its sent messages. Sometimes, it feels very awkward when you mistakenly send a message to wrong recipient. To overcome this problem, WhatsApp lets You Delete Your Embarrassing Texts. Moreover, users can delete sent messages within seven minutes. After that they will not be able to delete that message.

WhatsApp lets You Delete Your Embarrassing Texts within 7 Minutes

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Most probably, in its latest update, all WhatsApp users will get this feature. The working of this feature is very easy. When you try to delete a message from a conversation, you will receive a popup asking if you want to delete it just for yourself or delete it for everyone. Now it’s up to you which option you want to choose.

When you do delete a message, in its place a comment is left behind that says “This message was deleted.” However, some people are saying this is not a good way to show message. As if you delete a message, people will surely know that something has been sent but deleted.

In its recent update, WhatsApp Introduces New Universal Emoji Set for its 1.2 billion users. The interesting thing about the emoji is that these new emoji are quite Similar to Apple’s emoji.

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