WhatsApp multi-device Beta test works without Phone

WhatsApp multi-device support is not new for us. For some years, the company is working on this feature, and some days back we came to know that the messaging app has started public beta testing of Multi-Device Support. Till now, if we wanted to use WhatsApp web on our desktop, we needed a device that is powered on and connected to the internet however now a WhatsApp multi-device Beta test supports multiple devices without an active phone.

This feature took very long to reach us and in June WhatsApp Head, Will Cathcart and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that this feature is quite challenging as they also have to keep in view end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp multi-device Beta test works without Phone

Now Cathcart has explained more about this feature in a  blog post and has shared what they actually did to maintain the security of the app and users’ data.

He shared images showcasing WhatsApp Message Architecture:

The image explains how the previous mechanism to encrypt/decrypt messages and how the company is trying to manage technicalities with multidevice usage. The encrypted synchronization also applies to message history, contact names, and other data, with keys maintained on the individual devices.

Currently, beta will reach a limited group of people who are already a part of the beta program. WhatsApp will further improve this feature based on the feedback and will launch it for everyone lateron.

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