Where freelancing is Growing Fastest in the World?

With the growing digital trends and the bloom of internet, many people have turned toward remote working and are extremely happy with the results and even think that freelancing is far much better than regular 9 to 5 job.
No doubt, this is evident from the statistics announced by different freelancing forums, which clearly reveals how millions of people are earning globally via freelancing and are extremely successful. As the remote working is spreading at a fast pace, different freelancing platform release annual reports revealing about a number of freelancers from a particular country and also rank countries position wise in terms of freelancing.

What is the state of Freelancing in Pakistan?

Recently Payoneer carried on “Payoneer Freelancing Awards” where they gave positions to freelancers in different perspectives and fields. Payoneer is basically a financial services company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services. As most of the freelancing transactions are done with this platforms, it keeps on rolling out different facts and figures regarding Freelancing.
Payoneer announced the six hard-working, ambitious and enthusiastic winners of the Payoneer Entrepreneur of the Year awards. While telling about the award payoneer said in a statement:

“The growing success of the international digital business is reflected by the quality of the entrants. We received over 2,000 entries from the world’s best aspiring entrepreneurs, living in 128 different countries and covering a variety of industries including freelance, e-Commerce, retail and marketing sectors.”

Above statement mark that 128 countries took part in the competitions which shows the wide spreading freelancing. The lucky six winners were from India, China, Ukraine, Argentina, Vietnam and Philippines.
Participation in the competition provides an interesting look at where freelancing is growing fastest in the world. The top countries participating were Pakistan (379 entries), Bangladesh (232), India (219), Nigeria (154), Ukraine (128), the U.S. (101), the Philippines (55), Egypt (49), Kenya (47) and Serbia (42).
Payoneer is tracking this activity because it facilitates cross-border payments. For instance, it enables freelancers who find work through major freelance platforms to receive payments on a debit card.
Anyway, with the passing days and an increasing number of platforms providing remote jobs, the trend of freelancing will flourish more. The day is very near when 80 percent of the workforce globally will choose to freelance rather than the same traditional jobs.
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