YouTube Introduces ‘New to You’ Button to Boost Discovery Feature

YouTube is one of the most widely used platforms and it is quite famous among people, thanks to its versatility and user-friendliness. Keeping in view its ever-growing popularity, the company keeps on launching new features making it easier for users to enjoy on this streaming platform and do other associated risks effectively. Recently, in an effort to make it more versatile, the company is making it easier for people to find things. In order to do this, the company is trying to boost its discovery feature for desktop and mobile apps, making it easier to find new content on the service’s homepage. For this, the company has announced a “New to You”button.

YouTube’s New to You Button will make it easier for you to find new things

The best thing about this app as compared to others is that that launched new features at the same time for both desktop and mobile apps users which means either you have a laptop or smartphone, you can enjoy this feature “New to You” button.

So when you browse YouTube on your phone or laptop, you will probably be able to see the New to You button upon clicking it will take you to the top of the new and refreshed feed. This button will also be seen when you would be scrolling through your feed. Upon tapping this button it will start giving you suggestions about the new content that is uploaded on YouTube.

This feature is customized and to get this feature one needs to be signed in due to this it will not show up all the time. Also, the YouTube button on the desktop will show up as soon as you refresh the home page just like the app.  No doubt it’s quite a useful feature and will make us current with all the latest things going on globally. Also, I think it will give us new things based upon searches as it does right now.

This latest feature is available on YouTube Homepage across mobile, desktop, and TV devices however if you are not able to see it right now, there is no need to worry. Might be possible the rollout is done in phases so you might be getting it in a day or two.

Also if you need some more information regarding this feature, you can head to the official announcement by the streaming app by clicking HERE.

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