A New Update will Compel Google to Remove Users’ location and Web History After 18 Months

Recently, Google has announced that it will automatically delete location history after one and a half years for new users. The company will also make it more convenient for all to access its search, Google Maps, and YouTube apps without being tracked.

These upgrades to Google’s privacy controls come after the company has been severely criticized over its data collection practices. Some new privacy laws in California and Europe have urged internet providers to adjust their ways. A number of lawsuits by consumers and United States state attorneys general in recent times have alleged Google of deception in the collection of data.

A New Update will Compel Google to Remove Users’ location and Web History After 18 Months

The new updates in Google will change certain features. Like, YouTube’s viewing history of new users will be removed after every three years along with location tracking and web browsing history will get disappeared after one and a half years.

The users have been granted the option of selecting shorter or longer timeframes. However, the company may still be able to access and store location details with other tactics.

People will now be able to search more easily on what Google calls, incognito mode. It will work by just holding down their display picture at the top of the search, Maps, or YouTube applications. Earlier, an extra top on the apps’ menu was needed. The firm does not keep a history of users’ activity when they are using the incognito mode.

Google generates a major portion of its revenue from advertisements. These ads are conventionally based on data about what content users are watching and reading along with their location. In 2019, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that the company collects more data than necessary for ads. Therefore, the company plans to minimize this data collection.

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