Ads to Appear in Google Discover Feeds

Soon you will get to see the advertisements in Google Discover feeds. When you scroll through Discover, you will see ads marked with a green “ad” icon. The green icon will differentiate them from regular content. Google will name them Discovery ads.

Ads to Appear in Google Discover Feeds

Furthermore, Discovery ads will not appear only in Google Discover feed but you will also be able to see them in other Google products such as traditional search, YouTube, and Gmail’s Promotions and Social tabs.

In photos, you can see how ads will appear in Search, Google Discover, and YouTube, from left-to-right. You will also be able to see the “ad” icons.

It seems that Google wants to earn from every platform. We know that advertising is Google’s bread and butter, that’s why it is introducing new ways to connect advertisers with consumers. Or we can say that it is not possible for Google to survive without the support of advertisements. Later this year, these new advertising tools will be available to marketers around the world. So you will have to wait a little bit to see ads in your Google discover’s feed.

More interestingly, the company introduced sponsored content on Android TV, earlier this year. Google has started to experiment with “shoppable ads” which allows users to buy products directly from image searches.

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