Are Airpods 3 a better pick than Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

If you’re looking for a pair of high-quality earphones, one thing you’ll notice straight away is how many options there are. With so many name brands to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to begin, but trust us when we say that premium is the way to go. Nothing speaks “premium” like a pair of Apple or Samsung earbuds when it comes to industry-acclaimed, flagship performance.

Apple Airpods 3

The Apple AirPods 3 are the much-anticipated successor to the Apple AirPods that debuted in 2019 – not to be mistaken with the Apple AirPods Pro, which debuted in the same year. The Apple AirPods 3 are slightly expensive and take inspiration from the original AirPods’ mass-appeal design. Apple’s AirPods can last up to six hours between charges, which is still really impressive in the world of truly wireless headphones. It has vivid spatial audio, comfortable fit and easy to use.


Airpods 3

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

The new Galaxy Buds 2 are reasonably priced at $150, although Apple’s aged AirPods are still more expensive, at around $160, unless you get them on sale. Both the Galaxy Buds 2 and AirPods charging cases have rounded corners and are composed of glossy plastic on the outside. The Buds 2 don’t have stems, but they’re a little bigger. The Buds 2 are available in classic white or black, as well as two new colours: lavender and olive green.

Galaxy Buds 2

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Final thoughts

While Apple made improvements to the AirPods 3’s design and comfort over previous generations, the Galaxy Buds 2 are better looking, more comfortable, and snug in all the right ways.Overall, we found Samsung’s controls to be a little easier to use and modify.

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