Black Shark 2 Pro Surfaced On Geekbench

Xiaomi launched the most-awaited gaming handset, Black Shark 2 back in March. The good part of the news is that the company is all set to launch another version of the handset for the crazy game lovers. According to the latest reports, Black Shark 2 Pro will arrive on July 30. Recently, it also surfaced on the Geekbench.

Black Shark 2 Pro Launch Is Expected On July 30

The handset surfaced on Geekbench recently. The listings also revealed some of the key specs of the upcoming gaming phone. According to the Geekbench listings, the handset scored 3,632 and 11,304 points in the benchmark’s single and multi-core tests respectively. In addition to that, it revealed that the handset will come paired with 12GB RAM. Moreover, it will run Android Pie straight out of the box.

In addition to all this, the processor in the listing has a code-name “msmnile”. This code-name has been shared by the Snapdragon 855 SoC and the Snapdragon 855+ that were announced earlier this week. According to rumors, the Black Shark 2 Pro is expected to come with the Snapdragon 855+. This processor is an overclocked version of the 855 that promises 4.2% improvement in CPU and 15% improvement in GPU performances. There had been no further words regarding the handset yet. Let’s see what come s next. Till then, stay tuned for updates.

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