BTRC Follows PTA to install DIRBS like Device Management System to Control Illegal Handset Mobiles

Last year in July, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) issued a notice in which it requested all the mobile phone users to check the authenticity of their mobile phones while purchasing. At the same time, it warned all the mobile users that the commission would disconnect fake handsets once the NEIR comes into operation and if any mobile phone handset was found with a clone or a wrong IMEI number then it would be disconnected.

Now the BTRC has circulated a tender to complete the procurement of the National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR). For reader’s information, the NEIR is a system that is using by the BTRC to curb the issue of fake mobile handsets, following on the footsteps of Pakistani Telecom regulator the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) who launched DIRBS (Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System) last year.

BTRC follows PTA to install DIRBS like Device Management System to Control Illegal Handset Mobiles

Currently, the government, the mobile phone operators and mobile phone importers are not using any tool that can check the illegally imported handsets which is causing losses valued at some Tk. 1,000 crore to the government. That in a return is also damaging sales of handsets imported by legal importers.

This year in July, The Tk. 45-crore project for the supply, installation and operation of NEIR will be completed. A senior BTRC official said in a statement that:

“We have completed the technological evaluation and public opinion survey for NEIR. Based on that, a tender proposal was prepared and floated on February 18, we have already set up the IMIE database. After installing the NEIR, we’ll be able to detect and disable fake or closed handsets,”

In order to check the authenticity before buying handsets, customers are need to check the authenticity of the phone by typing KYD15-digit IMEI number in message option and send it to 16002. Customers will receive the authentic information about the handset. Customers can know IMEI information by dialing *#06#.

The NEIR is a database that contains a list of all valid mobile equipment on the network. An Equipment Identity Register reduces the threats of mobile device thefts by enabling individual operators to prevent the use of stolen phones.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission is hoping to get the desired results after the proper implementation of NEIR as it has observed the successful operations of DIRBS in Pakistan.

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