Cheezmall has Launched with a Bash of 1S Smartphone

Cheezmall has launched 1s with a unique feature of fast charging. Just charge for 5 minutes and get 3hour battery time. Cheezmall officially launched in Pakistan at Sunday 3:00 pm. The interface was amazing and worth seeing. As per high expectations already consumer felt delighted and first time in the history of Pakistani Online shopping, layman consumer witnessed the feel and services cape of high end online shopping interface.

The best thing is that they have launched with the huge variety especially in the Mobile accessories and smart phones.

Cheezmall also launched a variety of smart watches that can also revolutionized the smart phone industry and taste of Pakistan.

Cheezmall has Launched with a Bash of 1S Smartphone

The best thing is regarding with the launch of 1s. Cheezmall has launched the cheapest ever handset with 3GB RAM. Meanwhile it is also the cheapest ever handset with a finger scanner in Pakistan.

Consumers are already excited with the offers lets see how much tough time is coming for competitors since Cheezmall has also launched huge variety of XiaoMi including accessories and international versions.

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