Civil Society Organizations Demanded More Budget For Girls’ Education In Pakistan

We all know that Girls’ education is a strategic development priority. Educated women tend to participate more in the economic development of the country. Recently, we have come to know that civil society organizations have demanded the government to increase allocations for the education of females in the upcoming budget.

The Progress Towards Girls’ Education In Pakistan Need To Speed Up

Qamar Naseem, Blue Veins Programme Coordinator has recently urged the government to speed up the progress towards Girls’ education in Pakistan. Furthermore, he unveiled that Pakistan spends only 3.02 percent of its GDP on education but the international standard is above 4 percent. So, the government should take serious action on it as Female education is very important to drive the economy of a country.

The government should raise the standard of education together with the budget so that it can help in the betterment of the educational sector of Pakistan. In addition to that, he further said the government should also provide better quality education to the children already enrolled in schools. Qamar Naseem further stated that:

“The government needs to ensure the equitable approach to resource allocation towards the education of girls.”

Some of the rights activists stated that despite the recent educational achievements and efforts to engage girls and young women in education, we need to face some significant challenges also. All such issues including the cultural norms, early marriage, childbearing, security concerns, and long distances to school which does not recognize the value of the girls’ education need to be sorted out. The Government of Pakistan should focus on these issues so that the progress towards Female education can speed up.

Laiba Mohsin

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