Coronavirus: Pakistani Students Creates AI Tool To Diagnose

While death tolls from coronavirus outbreak and new cases continue to rise globally, medical researchers and engineers are working tirelessly to develop testing kits and vaccines to contain the pandemic. 

Two Pakistani students have created an Artificial Intelligence (AI) device to help diagnose Covid-19 as the country’s shortage of test kits prevails. The final year students at Gulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) are Mohammad Aleem and his colleague Rahul Raj. They also used technologies to represent the nation in the war against coronavirus outbreak. 

Mohammad Aleem, a student in medical engineering works on the project. He said, “As the virus continues to expand exponentially and our hospitals are already exhausted, we agreed to turn to artificial intelligence to help classify instances promptly in the absence of test kits. The AI-powered deep learning model we have built from scratch can help detect COVID-19 with 92 percent confidence using lung scanning with computed tomography (CT). 

The AI detector would be useful in checking coronavirus patients in the scarcity of medical kits and the unavailability of medical staff. 

The detector depends on CT imaging of the chest. When the CT scans are available then it will hardly take 10-20 seconds to complete the examination and find out whether the patient is positive for COVID-19. 

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Nayab Khan

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