Facebook is testing Feature to Help you Make new Friends

Facebook is testing Feature to Help you Make new Friends. The tech giant Facebook keep on introducing new features to be in lime light. It is reported that Facebook is testing a new feature that will help you make new friends.

The social media giant wants its users to know what they have common with other people.The new feature will let you have a closer look to your friends buddies.

Facebook is testing Feature to Help you Make new Friends

It will show you new connections to make new friends but also show you thing which you have in common with your current friends. This is something weird but will definitely help you make connections with old friends with whom you have not interacted for a long time.

When you click “get to know friends” you will be leaded to bunch of connections. Previously Facebook used to show us mutual friends in the “People you may know” tab.

Get to know option is something bigger than it. It will show you events that you both attended, Page that you both like and similar places.

Facebook rolled out “Discover People” feature that helps you to find new connections and friends through groups and events. The California based company want you to reconnect with people who are in your friend list but you haven’t coordinated with each other in a long time. According to Motherboard Facebook plans to launch a feature that will allow user to connect if they both indicate that they are interested in hanging.

Well lets hope this new connecting feature will be of any help. TO me it would be rather very irritating to get unwanted suggestion from Facebook all the time. We believe that Facebook is better with current Friends of Friends and ” People you may know” suggestions.

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