Instagram Lets Users to Share Stories Directly to Facebook

Instagram Lets Users to Share Stories Directly to Facebook. The social media giant is always on the top and most people love it because it is a user friendly and versatile app. The Facebook owned subsidiary Instagram is also doing wonders and is no less than California based company.

However it seems that Mark Zuckerberg wants its users to view stories on its main and initial App, Facebook. Instagram is testing a new feature that allows people to share their Story directly to Facebook. It is evident that less numbers of people are using Facebook now a days.

Instagram Lets Users to Share Stories Directly to Facebook

It is currently testing this service and many users have seen a new option to share photos and videos which are created with Instagram. Pictures taken from Instagram’s in app camera can be posted to Facebook Story.

“We are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you. We have no other plans to share at this time.”

It is unusual for a photo sharing App to test such close integration with tech giant Facebook. Both Apps have traditionally kept separate from the beginning.

It seems that the social media giants wants to improve its traffic by pushing Instagram stories to Facebook. In a report company revealed that 250 million people use Instagram Stories daily.

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