Facebook Messenger Turns to An Independent Application

Facebook Messenger after completing its 700 million user has now turn to an independent application in some of the countries where the user don’t need to have a Facebook account to use this application. User just have to install the application after that user will come across two option that whether he wants to login with Facebook or signup with messenger. After selecting signup with messenger users has to provide name and phone number to complete his signup process. After this step all the number in the contact list of user who also has already their account on messenger can chat with each other. But this feature has not been launched worldwide. But it will be launched worldwide after getting positive feedback from those countries where this feature has been launched.

Facebook Messenger Turns to An Independent Application But What’s Next?

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Mark after introducing messenger made it compulsory to download this application for messaging because he knows very well that there are Facebook users who use Facebook just for messaging just to be connected with their friends through private messages. He also made it such an efficient application that it can trace the location of users and send the location with the message and also he introduced a payment feature in it so that it help the people in the matter of payment.

Now Mark is planning to do more improvement in messenger because after purchasing WhatsApp and making Messenger independent both of the applications are just the same both are used for chatting, sending photos, videos, or any important link or data and more importantly both of the applications have millions of users so there remains no difference in both of the application. And after purchasing WhatsApp there is surely no need to make messenger independent if he has done this then there is yet more to come. More with some exciting new and brilliant feature because he is planning something new for the users to make them surprise with something more innovative and will be on air soon.

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