Facebook to Review Instagram Posts by Fact Checkers

In order to overcome the issue of spreading fake news, conspiracy theories, hate, and misinformation, Facebook will start a test to fact-check Instagram posts. It has been reported that false photos and memes shared on Instagram will be sent to the same dashboard that Facebook’s fact-checking partners, specialists like Factcheck.org and also to traditional news agencies such as Associated Press. It is also used to identify Facebook’s misinformation. Let’s suppose the posts are flagged false, then the spreading of these posts will be restricted to the limits.

Facebook to Review Instagram Posts by Fact Checkers

However, the flagged posts will stop appearing in Instagram’s Explore tab or hashtag results pages but flagged posts will be visible if you follow the Instagram account directly. Well, Instagram will be limiting their reach instead of censoring the posts.

Moreover, the service is also in the testing phase of additional features such as pop-ups that appear if you are searching for topics like anti-vaccination, that is known for being used to spread misinformation. This is similar to YouTube’s annotations.

According to the report:

“Still, some say that’s not enough and want to see labels for photos that have been debunked or warnings that appear when users try to like or comment on those posts,”

However, it is still not clear that when Instagram will make available this feature for the public.

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