Files Go Re-Branded to Files by Google

Last year, Google rolled out the Files Go app for Android Go users. In a very short span, it became so popular even among mainline Android users. Now the app is getting rebranded to just Files by Google.
The purpose of the Files Go was to help you clean out the clutter out of the limited storage on Android Go phones. The rebranding of the Files Go app reflects the expanded user base of the software. Google has noted that the app has grown to 30 million users per month, some of which were using powerful phones with plenty of storage.

Files Go Re-Branded to Files by Google

The updated app also comes with a redesigned interface that is based on Material Theme aesthetics. The app will initially be available on a beta channel on Google Play, though its APK file can also be sideloaded to experience the changes.
Basically, the company designed the Files by Google app to help users in developing countries in resolving file and storage management problems, and this software comes pre-installed in smartphones that run Android Go.
With the rebranding, Google did not modify the important features of the application. It now focuses the attention of the user to the content stored in the device. Moreover, users will also come to know that how much space in the internal storage has been recovered in the smartphone after they delete unused applications and files.


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