FoodPanda Under Fire after the Video of Rider Goes Viral on Social Media

Everyone would have come across a CCTV video that has been making rounds on social media recently and for all the right reasons. In the video, we can see that the FoodPanda delivery boy was on his way to deliver an order when two robbers tried to rob him. They took his valuables and the order he was supposed to deliver. However, as he started crying being poor, they changed their mind and returned all his belongings to him. Not only this, one of the robbers hugged the rider and said we also have a heart.

This overall emotional incident kept on trending on the internet with hashtag “HumanityLeft”. No doubt, if there is something special about Pakistan and its people, it is the love and care they have for each other. Sadly, this rule only implies to the people of Pakistan and not the money-making machine and so-called companies who forget their own employees when it comes to any difficult times.

FoodPanda- Good For Customers Bad For Employees

During an interview, the FoodPanda rider revealed the whole incident which happened with him at Nazimabad Karachi. In the same interview, he made shocking revelations regarding the food delivery company. He explained that he was in utter shock after the incident, and one of the houses where he had delivered ordered asked him to come inside for a while so that those robbers might not come back to him again and so that he go back to a normal state of mind.

During this time, he called the company and told them the whole situation and also requested them to ask some other rider to deliver the next order that was just off Rs. 100. The company kept on saying that we do understand what he is going through; however, he must deliver the next order.

Unwantedly, he had to go out to deliver the order after 25 minutes. Being working with the company for two weeks, the rider shared that he is studying as well and working as a part-time rider with the company. He also revealed that all the promises of the company, including insurance, were fake. He told that bike, fuel, mobile, and money everything belongs to the rider. In case the robbers had taken all the money from him (including his and the 1st order he delivered), the company would have claimed it back as well.

FoodPanda Couldn’t Own its Own Employee!

The overall story puts a question mark on the way of working of FoodPanda. If a big company like this will not own their employee, who will own them? Personally, I have never received any orders from this company on time in Rawalpindi. So, if the order of Rs. 100 would have been delayed, would it make any difference?

On the other hand, I have seen companies like TCS supporting their delivery boys to the fullest. During Ramadan, while I was walking, I saw two delivery boys of TCS sitting in sweltering weather. When I inquired, they revealed that the car has stopped working, and they have called the company. SInce iftar was near, I asked them if they had anything to eat . They told me they don’t have anything, so I rushed back home to tell my mother to make extra iftar for them as well. However, just after 10 minutes they rang the bell and revealed that the company has sent them food to it and believe me the food was too good.

I was amazed at this gesture from the company and expected all other companies would be treating their employees in the same way. However, to my surprise, this attitude of FoodPanda is highly condemned, and I believe the company is worst than the robbers who had come to loot a guy, but since he was poor, they had mercy on him. Whereas on the other hand, the company just needed to earn more and to build its credibility among its clients when its own employee was suffering from emotional trauma.

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