Google Adds 50 New Animals to its Augmented Reality Feature

AR animals are the best thing Google has even launched as it is not only a good time pass activity but is always enjoyable when you send it to your friends for fun. Initially, Google had introduced 50 augmented reality animals to search. The animals added by google to its Augmented Reality Feature list were either cute, wild and giant which was quite funny to have them in your room. However, the overall activity not only remained fun for us but it also helped us discover more about animals and nature who made them, which was previously not important to us.

Google’s Augmented Reality Feature got new Animals

Last year when Google had initially begun adding animals in search, it started with just a few animals like tiger, lion, wolf and a dog. In late March, it added more creatures including alligators, ducks, and hedgehogs. Later on, it started adding prehistoric creatures via its app Cambropachycope, that lets users discover more details about these creatures.

Among different species of lions and dinosaurs, now new cute animals are added including red panda, cat, giraffe, cow, zebra, pig and hippo that are ready to welcome you in your home virtually.  In order to welcome these animals n your home, all you need to have is Google’s move app. Open it and search for any animal that you like. Now tap on “View in 3D” and see the results.

I have spent a lot of my time searching for different AR animals as they look super real. No doubt, its fun feature and Google should keep on adding more such animals in times to come.

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