Google Introduces Handwriting Input App

Google’s Handwriting Input App helps you in writing more easily on your Android device.

By installing Google Handwriting Input App on your smartphone, you can convert to handwritten characters to text. The App actually acts as an added keyboard. All you need is to download it from Google Play store and then select it as your default keyboard.

The Google Handwriting Input App recognizes all types of handwriting, you don’t need to worry if you have not clear writing style.

Interestingly, Google Handwriting Input App works smoothly with almost 82 languages. For many people, voice and handwritten input may be more familiar than existing desktop keyboards. Recognizing written characters in some languages, such as Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, or Korean, may be easier to use than entry methods designed for traditional keyboards.

This application is very easily install able and more importantly its free for all. If you find this application useful just visit Google Store. You can download it easily because it has a few simple steps to be followed after that you can enjoy this application.

As Android grows to be the most widely used operating system on the planet, the Google Handwriting Input App clearly signals that Google is serious about making Android work for its users.

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