Google Plans to Compensate Some News Outlets to Ease Tensions

The world’s leading search engine Google has recently announced that it will begin to pay few publishers for its news content. The company has decided to take this step for an important reason. As we all know Google is facing rift with the news industry, so this kind of move can prove to be substantial for removing tensions among the company and news industry.

Google Plans to Compensate Some News Outlets to Ease Tensions

Yesterday, Brad Bender, the vice president of product management told that the company intends to roll out a licensing program this year with an aim to “pay publishers for high-quality content”. The program will initiate with regional and national publications in states of Germany, Australia, and Brazil, “with more to come soon”.

Bender further describing it as an important move forward which will evaluate how the company will promote high-quality journalism. He stated that. “This program will help participating publishers monetize their content through an enhanced storytelling experience,”.

The news companies who were the first to make agreement with Google include Germany’s Der SpiegelFrankfurter Allgemeine ZeitungDie ZeitTagesspiegel and Rheinische Post, Australia’s Schwartz MediaThe ConversationPrivate Media and Solstice Media and Brazil’s Diarios Associados and A Gazeta.

This is a great step taken to empower journalism and promote quality based content. But, we expect that it won’t be only limited to the Eurasian region and will spill over to every corner of the world eventually. Thus, benefiting the global journalist society.

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