Google’s Wireless Service Project Fi Now Available for Android Phones

Google has announced its new project “Project fi” for android users to help them in communication. The project has been launched in U.S but also available in Pakistan and other countries. Firstly Project Fi was available in Nexus phones but now Google has made it free for all android users as well.

Google’s Wireless Service Project Fi Now Available for Android Phones

This project work with Wifi and more importantly it work intelligently because the device automatically search for the available networks and if the users have two available networks then it will automatically connect with the one that have stronger signal and available more easily. So it work on preferences and choose the one that is best and suitable for the user. By the help of this newly introduced Project fi user is able to send receive the SMS and the Calls from the other devices that are connected to the internet and are using any software like Google hangouts or other.

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It’s a prepaid offer that means the customer will receive what the customer will pay, so the user should be clear about the whole month expenditure of internet and activate the offer that’s totally suitable for the user. There is also a limitation for making international calls from Pakistan usage for internet will be charged more than at U.S. But there is good news also if user is travelling to a place where there is no internet service user can use the pause button. Pause button means that he can stop the service for some time and continue from same point after some time so the usage of data will be less.

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