Government of Pakistan Will Allow Import of Used Smartphones

Recently it has been reported that the Government of Pakistan to allow the import of used smartphones in Pakistan. In a federal cabinet meeting scheduled to convene on 23rd November, a policy draft will be presented to Prime Minister Imran Khan Ministry of Information and Technology. If it gets passed by the cabinet and signed by the Prime Minister, then authorized distributors and commercial importers will then be able to import used smartphones legally in the country.

Government of Pakistan Will Allow Import of Used Smartphones

Ministry of Commerce and the Federal Board of Revenue says that under current laws, the import of used smartphones is not allowed. This restriction has led to the creation of a large grey market of used smartphones and it also caused a huge loss in terms of tax money because these illegally imported used smartphones are not falling in the tax net.

Moreover, if the Government allows the import of used smartphones it will reduce the import bill. Federal cabinet will approve measures to check to smuggle of illegal phones, which include issuance of a new deadline for verification of IMEIs through PTA’s Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS).

It is also to be expected that Federal cabinet may approve an amnesty scheme for illegally imported smartphones.


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