Government Organizes Workshop on Digital Safety for FATA Journalists

With increase in internet usage, the fear of cyber crimes are also increasing day by day in the country. In this regard, the Government of Pakistan Government Organizes Workshop on Digital Safety for FATA Journalists. This one day training regarding digital security was arranged in Bannu specifically for journalists of tribal areas.

Government Organizes Workshop on Digital Safety for FATA Journalists

The journalists in their concluding remarks about the feedback of workshop said that:

“The training programme provide them with important information to ensure security of their email and other social media accounts, reported a private news channel. This will help them in long terms.”

The trainers shared interesting and easy methods or techniques with journalists to protect their personal data on web.

A trainer at the workshop, Abdus Salam said that:

“The world has become a global village due to the fast development of internet. In these circumstances, every person, especially the journalists, should ensure safety of their data. The purpose of this workshop is to impart training to journalists for securing their personal data.”

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No doubt, technology has provided us with many platforms for smooth and speedy communication while sitting at far flung areas. But with advantages, advantages also comes. That is why, not only journalists rather everyone must be aware about how to keep his or her stuff secure.

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