Here Is The Realme Update Schedule With The Changelog

Realme has recently released a poster unveiling the devices who will be getting the latest update. The company has published a Realme Update Schedule with the changelog.

Here Is The Realme Update Schedule For December & Coming Month

Let’s have a look at the table below which shows the devices that would be getting the Android-Pie Based update together with the changelog.

Realme 1*AI Beauty + Vivid Mode together
*Photographer Watermark
*Security Patch
End of December
Realme 2 and Realme C1*ColorOS 5.2End of December
Realme 2 Pro*Fix for notification blinking issue with developer mode.
*Slow motion.
*Security Patch
End of December
Realme U1*Fix for notification blinking issue with developer mode.
*Security Patch.

The OTA update will not arrive on some devices until January as it is expected to be a gradual roll-out. In addition to all that, the latest reports also unveiled that ColorOS 6 will come next year. However, there are still no words about the dates yet.

ColorOS 6.0 is said to be designed for bezel-less phones. However,  it will also work on older Oppo devices as well. However, Oppo has not shared the details about the phones who will support it. Android-pIe based update ColorOS 6.0 will come with a new Chinese text font called Sans. Performance wise there will be some improvements. According to the Oppo,  a new feature called AI application quick freeze will come up. It will prevent apps from shutting down in the background. The AI application quick freeze will also analyze your app activity for 2 weeks to know about your schedule. ColorOS 6.0 will begin rolling out to devices next year. However, we still don’t know the exact dates of its rollout yet.

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