How to Pay Vehicle Token Tax via Epay Punjab App?

PITB has launched an e-payment gateway to facilitate people to reduce visits, and long queues wait. Just recently, we have come to know that vehicle token tax can be paid via Epay App, and no doubt, it’s an excellent initiative. Citizens can conduct these transactions through their smartphones while sitting at home. This blog has mentioned steps to pay Token Tax via Epay Punjab App.

To execute financial transactions in the best possible way, PITB has collaborated with banks to design a seamless model for the application. Through this app, all Punjab number token tax can be paid in less than 5 minutes and without any hassle.

What is the Epay Punjab app?

The ePay app is an Android and iOS-compatible mobile application that facilitates business-to-government (B2G) and public-to-government (P2G) payments. It was launched by the Punjab government in October 2019 after a collaboration between the Punjab Finance Department and the Punjab Information Technology Board. The ePay app from PITB also includes a web-based version that can be accessed on computers and tablets.

The objective of releasing this application is to facilitate the government’s tax collection through a simple method. With Pakistan’s first digital tax aggregator, the app demonstrates how Pakistan and its government are swiftly moving towards the adoption of financial technology (fintech) into their operations.

How to Pay Vehicle Token Tax via Epay Punjab App?

Step 1: Install the Epay Punjab app.
epay punjab
Step 2: Register using your CNIC and your email ID
Step 3: Click the Excise and Taxation Tab and enter your vehicle number
Step 4: Generate Token Tax Receipt, and you will receive a text message including 17 Digit number
Step 5: You can easily transfer through the Online internet/mobile banking and pay the amount by entering that 17 digit number.
No doubt, it’s a very good initiative, especially in COVID-19 days, when people are afraid to contract the virus. By staying at home and paying the bill, people cannot only curb virus spread but can also pay token tax by the ease of staying at home during these heated days. Furthermore, users are also facilitated with a 5% discount in token tax, if paid through using the ePay Punjab App.
The last day to pay the vehicle token tax is 30-09-2020.


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