How to restrict the unwanted followers on Twitter to get private experience

Twitter has been successful in connecting people beyond family and friends. The user can directly interact with the distant followers and retweet the things all over the world. The user will also find his tweet to get retweeted in different countries which are distant but people there acknowledge them even being far away. This helps in building the trust among the global audience. Twitter offer openness to the users which has many advantages. On the contrary, Twitter is also offering the users many options on this platform to restrict the extra and unwanted followers on Twitter to get the private experience.

Protected Tweets option

Twitter has given the users great options to control their personal accounts. We can make the account public for all and allow the people to follow and retweet our tweets. Also, we can keep it protected and private from the world disabling the general public to reply and retweet our inputs. So with these new restriction features, the user will get the protected Twitter experience. He will be able to lockdown the accounts to the open world. Just the followers will be able see the posts and these followers will be approved by the account user.

How it works:

To apply the new restriction feature, the user need to change the settings for his account. He has to open the Twitter on the web and click the three dots on the left of the navigation window. Then click Setting and Privacy which shows Your account. In Your account, go to Account information and then to protected Tweets. In this way the user can limit who can contact him.

Open or close DM option

DMs are the private messages that the followers can send and can hence communicate privately. These DMs are independent of whether the account is protected and message the user. The privacy settings can be enabled to allow the DM messages to the users. Even the option will be enabled, the user will be able to see the message requests from anyone.

How it works:

To enable users to message the user, he has to go to the settings, then click Privacy and safety and then go to Direct Messages and select the option of Allow message requests from everyone.

Making self-harder to find

People all around the world can find a person by email, address or phone number options. Anyone who has these details, can find a person easily on Twitter through contact suggestion options. To stop this, the user has to use the following steps.

How it works:

The user need to head to the settings page for Twitter on the web. Then select Privacy and safety and Discoverability and contacts options. He need to uncheck the boxes labeled “Let people who have your email address find you on Twitter” and “Let people who have your phone number find you on Twitter”. In this way the public will not be able to find the user easily. The users can also change their name, profile picture and location on Twitter. This will also serve the purpose.

Restrict Replies to your Tweets

The user can also restrict the nonsense replies to the well crafted tweets.

How it works:

For this click the blue button on the left and open the new tweet dialog on the web. Everyone can reply link will be present there. Click this link to change the setting to People you follow or Only people you mention to apply the appropriate restriction in place. Using the second option will solve the problem.

After the tweet is published, the action can be reversed by clicking the three dots next to it in the timeline.

The individual replies can also be hidden by user. For this find the reply under the tweet on the web interface, click the three dots to the top right, then choose Hide reply from the list. For other users, the reply won’t reveal unless they precisely click on the hidden replies icon.

Mute unwanted Users

By muting people, the people can still talk to the user but the user will never see them. These muted accounts will not appear on the timeline and will not affect the DMs. The person muted will not know about this is the good part in this restriction feature.

How it works:

To mute someone on Twitter, go to their profile page, click the three dots at the top of the timeline and then choose Mute. Individual conversation can be muted by clicking the mute this conversation.

Block few users

If user doesn’t want to hear from a person, he will block this contact on Twitter. The person blocked will not get any notification of his blockage.

How it works:

To block an account, open its profile page, click the three dots near the top and choose the Block option. If the user wants to see the blocked accounts, he has to go to the setting page and by clicking Privacy and safety, Mute and block, and Blocked accounts options, he can see the list of blocked accounts.

The new restriction options are beneficial for the users and will give great leverage to the users who want to stay protected on Twitter.

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