Huawei will not Launch laptops Due to U.S. Ban

Huawei was planning to launch its laptops from long ago but it seems the lovers of Chinese tech giants will have to wait longer. The company has decided not to launch its laptops because of US Ban. Huawei had said it is not affected by the order US has passed regarding it. But it seems that the company is in some kind of crisis as it had to cancel the launch of Huawei laptops.


Initially, the company’s CEO Richar Yu had shown his interest in Huawei upcoming MateBook. However, now the plans have changed and the device will be on hold for some time. Richard Yu said that he cannot provide the tentative date of the launch as it all depends on the time frame in which Huawei will remain blacklisted by the US.

Wait for Huawei Laptops will not end Soon

For those who don’t know about the story, Trump administration had decided to put Huawei technologies in the blacklist, hindering any kind of services or trade between the company and US. As a result, first Google stepped back and then many other companies, including JEDEC, WiFi Alliance, SD association, and ARM said goodbye to Huawei. However, it seems like Huawei is quite optimistic about the future of the company.

Only the time will tell the actual consequences! The delay in laptop production is just one of them.


Fizza Atique

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