Instagram Latest “Collab” Feature will Let Users Co-author Same Posts

Facebook-owned Instagram has announced today that a new ‘Collab’ feature will allow users of the social media platform to collaborate with others on Feed Posts and Reels. The feature looks very interesting and helpful at the same time. The new feature will allow two accounts to co-author a post or Reel. The post or Reel will appear jointly to each user’s followers and will share the same comment thread, as well as view and like counts.

Instagram said in a tweet.

“We are launching Collabs, a new way to co-author Feed posts and Reels. Invite an account to be a collaborator. Both names will appear on the header, share to both sets of followers, live on both profile grids, share views, likes and comments,”

Instagram Latest “Collab” Feature will Let Users Co-author Same Posts

Instagram said that collaborating is a huge part of how people connect on the social media platform. “With ‘Collab’, you can invite a collaborator to your Feed Post and Reels and so they can share the content with their followers,” the company noted. This feature seems very useful to those users who are using Instagram for business purposes and also to increase followers.

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Similarly, the company is also testing a feature that would allow users on its platform to cross-post their posts, including photos or videos, over to their Instagram. Keep in mind that Facebook already allows users to cross-post their Instagram Stories and Reels to Facebook.

According to the company, the option is currently a global test. It is available to a small group of people who already have their Facebook profiles linked to a personal, creator or business account on Instagram.

Additionally, Instagram is testing a feature to notify users of outages or technical issues directly on its platform. The company said the test will run in the United States initially and will go on for a few months.

Just recently, Instagram has confirmed that it will ask users to fill up their data of birthday. These guidelines might be ignored by users, but the social media giant tries to make it a compulsion to use Instagram. These suggestions are set to estimate how old everyone is on Instagram. So, it can restrict sensitive content from appearing on their feed to young people.

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