Instagram Live Video Time Limit Extends to 4 Hours

The social media platform-Instagram has extended the Live Video limit up to four hours from the earlier one-hour cap. The platform has also introduced a new Live Archive option that has been enabled you to keep all your live videos saved for almost 1 month. Only you will be able to access this archive, and you can download your live videos to upload them of IGTV if you’d wish to.

Instagram Live Video Time Limit Extends to 4 Hours

These new features were announced via Twitter. We hope the majority of users will enjoy, the biggest one, the extension of Live Video limit. Earlier, the live video capped at one hour and now that has been extended to four hours.

All those users who love going live while cooking or do live classes will complete their sessions without any interruption and won’t have to restart their livestream after every hour.

Moreover, with the help of Instagram’s increased live duration, you are more likely to use Instagram instead of other live streaming apps for staying connected.

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