Iphone battery drain issue links to Apple Music

It’s not common to see your iPhone battery drain by more than 50 percent in 24 hours with limited usage, but it seems to happen to a increasing number of iphone users over the past week.

As mentioned on Apple official page, several reports about extreme battery drain with phones running iOS 13.5.1 have appeared on the Apple Communities web site. The culprit is allegedly the Apple Music app  more precisely, the app’s background operation even when it’s not in use. Even if you have never used the Music app, background activity might appear on your phone and lasts several hours.

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The battery drain is so terrible, some owners have to recharge their iPhone numerous times a day and as a result of the intensive use, the battery health percentage is falling. Another indication that something is wrong is that iPhone reports get really heavy.

Although users assume that the Music app is at fault, official website indicates that there is a broader issue with iOS background operation. In other words, this is not an issue with Apple Music but a more general concern with the iOS background operation. Apple may have modified something on the server side, causing a lot of behavior that wouldn’t usually happen.

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