Now Figure Out Which Facebook Friends Share Fake News

Good News for People who are fed up of hoax and fake news on social media platforms. Now one can easily Figure Out Which Facebook Friends Share Fake News with Facebook’s new news feed feature.

Identifying friends sharing misleading and inaccurate news was never so easy before. By using this feature you can also bring back your friends on the right path. This feature was launched on Tuesday for U.S. users and will roll out globally soon. It is basically an extension of an older news feed update which tech giants Facebook was testing  since October, 2017.

How to Figure Out Which Facebook Friends Share Fake News

Facebook has rolled out new option for you that make it easy to find out friends spreading fake news. When someone scroll through stories in news feed, news stories will get “i” at the top right corner of the headline. Click on it and it will provide some additional info about that post/article.

Upon click “i” another window will open showing  bit of data about the publisher, a couple of related articles, a map showing where the article has been shared and, lastly, a list of friends who have shared the article.

Fake news is hot topic nowadays and you constantly see multiple fake news share by plenty of friends and you also spread it not knowing that it is fake. So this is the best solution to it. Facebook has also started news test that will allows users to tap on author’s name in article to get more information from authentic platforms such as Wikipedia.  This info will only be visible if the publisher has implemented author tags on their website, and will also initially only be available for a small subset of users in the U.S.

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