Now Hide the Replies on Your Tweets with ‘Hide Tweet Feature’

Twitter keep on launching new features on and off but the upcoming feature will be a gift for many. Yes, the company is testing hiding reply features for now. Sometimes you get some humiliating replies under your tweets which you do not want anyone else to see.  So the new feature will filter replies based on questions. In a nutshell, now users will be able to moderate replies according to their own choice with Twitter Hide Tweet Feature.

This upcoming Twitter Hide Tweet Feature is spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, who revealed that soon users will be able to hide replies to their tweets. Upon hiding the replies, not just you won’t be able to see it but other people who were following your conversation will also not be able to see them.

Hide Tweet Feature is coming soon

Hide Tweet will be accessible in the menu, and it will also let you see all the tweets that you had hidden at some point in your life, later on. However, it should be kept in mind that, if you choose to hide tweet feature, it doesn’t mean that all the replies will disappear. If you or other people following your comments want to see these replied, they will just need to click a button “show more replies” to view them.

This feature was later on confirmed by Twitter senior product manager Michelle Yasmeen Haq, who said that in upcoming months this feature will be publically tested.

Twitter is slow in launching new features for its users when it comes to comparison with other social media giants. However when ever it brings something new, it gets a major attraction.

Moreover, Twitter has begun blocking the apps and services that violate its API rules in order to increase the number of followers and unfollow requests. These type of apps allows users to follow a large number of users with the hope that in return they will also follow them back, and then unfollow those who don’t. These apps charge the fee from users and that’s how they make money.

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