Now Remove ‘Continue Watching’ Titles on Netflix for Android

Netflix is one of the most widely used platforms, especially during these days when more people are at home due to coronavirus outbreak and trying to kill time by watching seasons, movies, and dramas on this platform. Keeping in view the growing interest of people, Netflix keeps on launching new features regularly. Now Netflix for Android will allow users to remove titles from the “Continue Watching” row directly in the app.

Now Get rid of Annoying Continue Watching Titles on Netflix for Android

This new feature was requested for a long time by Netflix users. The feature is now available for Android users and will be coming soon on other platforms, including iOS. Though the company had taken too much time in launching this feature when its rivals already had it.

To get this new feature on Android, you need to update Netflix Android App to the latest version from the Google Play store. When you are done with it, see the three-dot icon or vertical ellipsis just next to the continue watching row. Tap on it, and a menu will pop down. There will be five options on the menu, among which the last one “Remove from rows” removed the title.

This pop down menu also includes options to rate titles, download the next episode, and look up more info. According to Forbes, Netflix started rolling out this feature two months back, but since it was launched in chunks for selected users, it took time to reach everyone globally.

This feature has solved major annoyance for many users. Previously, the only option to remove annoying “continue watching” row was to open Netflix on browsers and choosing the option to hide it by clicking in three dots. However, thank God, finally, the video streaming app has included this capability to the Android App as well.

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