Online Games: A Sad News For Online Gamers in China

The Communist Party of China (CCP) has just banned Chinese players from playing with, or speaking with, players outside of China. Only the super-popular online games Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing, where you only build a home and play with adorable animals, was blocked by the Chinese Government. It’s too late for the CCP, as Joshua Wong, a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist, reveals a scene in Animal Crossing that says “Free Hong Kong” and takes a dig at Chinese President Xi Jinping. Chinese pro-democracy speak. How are those uprisings? 

That alerted the Chinese government to a “vacuum of authority” in multiplayer video games. The authorities do not support the fact that in these games Chinese players, especially younger ones, have the freedom to participate in uncontrolled spaces for socialization. 

Local officials are also seeking to broaden the reach of internet surveillance of videogames. Players are restricted to talk and greet people on the other side of the great firewall. 

The CCP practically bans free speech and educating the people behind China’s opaque walls, with the infamous Great Firewall now gaining some new superpowers. It’s a frightening moment for people of China, because they are being completely shut off from the global internet. 

Things Banned in Online Games 

  • Zombies 
  • Plagues 
  • Map Editing 
  • Role Playing 
  • Organizing union/clan 

In fact, the group also comes up with guidelines about online games curfew for kids and teens and a limited amount of money people are allowed to spend on games.

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Nayab Khan

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