PTA blocks ‘Immoral Content’ on social media with 98% success rate

The government has a 98 percent success rate in preventing the transmission of obscene and immoral content on social media, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

According to a PTA statement, social networking sites have handled over 9,04,000 complaints out of a total of 9,16,000, achieving the 98 percent overall progress.

Compliance from numerous platforms, including as Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, is required for the government’s approach to be implemented successfully.

Tiktok Tops the chart with the most ‘inappropriate content’

According to the report, TikTok was the most compliant platform, processing 99 percent of the complaints against 43,493 immoral content. With a compliance rate of 95 percent, SnackVideo came in second, followed by Likee with an 86 percent.

Furthermore, Facebook blocked 53% of information deemed to be against societal values, while Twitter, with a compliance rate of 46%, blocked nearly half of the 4,500 obscene videos or postings.

Because of the detrimental repercussions of immoral/indecent content circulating online, this step has been taken. Users can report illegal content they encounter online to the authority, which will remove and block it. The authority also recently blocked access to five dating/live streaming apps, including Tinder, Tagged, Skout, Grinder, and SayHi.

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Lately, Federal minister of Information and technology issued new laws and regulations for social media. He emphasized on that the content contrary to Pakistan’s cultural and moral values, as well as content that is harmful to children’s mental and physical development, will be outlawed. The new  rules will serve as a vital link between Pakistani users and social media institutions, with companies being required to follow local laws and protect users’ rights, according to the federal minister.

According to Haq, the guidelines would ban live streaming of extremist, terrorist, hateful, vulgar, and violent content, and social media platforms will be compelled to remove information that breaches Pakistan’s laws.


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