Punjab Government Ponders to Introduce Digital Child Abduction Alert System

Punjab Government Ponders to Introduce Digital Child Abduction Alert System. The System will be developed for data collection of missing children to the relevant authorities. So that the missing children can be traced.

The system is being devised by the Chief Minister’s Special Monitoring Unit (law and order) and the Counter-Terrorism Wing. It would be implemented through the establishment of Child Safety Information Unit at the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB).

Punjab Government Ponders to Introduce Digital Child Abduction Alert System

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) will built the database of missing children. The duty of PITB will be to share information about child abductions with the media and relevant departments to ensure a quick response.

Furthermore, it will develop online safety programmes for children as well. The system is considered to develop by keeping in mind recent activities in Punjab. As Punjab has recently witnessed a surge in the incidents of disappearance and kidnapping of children.

How Digital Child Abduction Alert System will Work:

  • The system will issue a child abduction alert once law-enforcement officials confirm such an incident
  • If the kidnapping meets their criteria, which requires that the age of victim should be below 18 years and a certain minimum period lapses since an abduction
  • The law enforcement agencies will then inform the state officials and broadcasters about the abduction.
  • Information to the public, which will include photo of the child and his “last seen location”, will then be disseminated through various platforms like mosques, electronic, print and social media, Google child alert, Tv screens in public transport, airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, railways stations.
  • The alerts may also include the description of the victim, suspected abductor, number plate of the suspect’s vehicle, if available.
  • There would also be provision in the system for citizens to provide the officials concerned with any piece of information regarding an abducted child.
  • Depending on the time passed since an abduction, the information will first be routed to authorities at the city level. Then in the district and finally at the provincial level.
  • Officials manning all the exit points will also get the information right away for checking any suspected person or vehicle.

Source: Dawn

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